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Below are just some of the services offered by The Microbrewologist. Please feel free to contact me for more specific information.

  •   Review of Quality Programs- A review of the current quality program in place to help identify any potential gaps and assess if the program is appropriate for the requirements of the business.
  •  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)- Writing SOPs for cleaning activities, testing, packaging, brewing, calibration, investigating contamination and any other activities that would benefit having a procedure written.
  •  Forms and Worksheets- Creating forms and worksheets that can be used with the SOPs, documenting data and the activities that were performed.
  •  Sample Plans- Determining when and what testing is necessary during and after the brewing process. This will be based on historical data, standard practices and business need.
  • Trending- Using the data collected, creating charts to trend the data to determine baseline values for specifications.
  •  Quality Reports- Creating a report to summarize the testing activities and results from the parameters being monitored . This could include the trend charts with a summary of what the charts are showing,  summary of investigations of out of tolerances, miscellaneous activities that occurred, changes to equipment of supplies, or any additional information that the business sees as value added. The reports can be created per batch, monthly, quarterly, or at another frequency that would be appropriate for the business need.
  •  Investigating Out of Tolerances or Contamination- Work with the business and discuss what the out of tolerance or contamination is and perform an investigation to try to determine the probable cause. A preventative and corrective action can be determined as well.
  • Training- Assist with the training of current and new employees on procedures and forms. Training is key to creating a consistent product.
  • Review of Quality Documents/Forms- A review of forms and reports done at a consistent frequency to make sure that processes are being followed and documentation is being performed properly.  Performing a review will help identify any steps that may have been missed or performed improperly during the process.
  • Internal Audits- A review of the entire process from beginning to end to help prepare you for state and/or federal regulatory audits. A report of gaps and recommendations will be provided. This will help you become prepared prior to a regulatory audit. 
  • Support During State and/or Federal Regulatory Audits- Supporting the business unit during audits by representing the quality team in the front room to working in the back room gathering and organizing requested documents.
  • Equipment- Becoming a subject matter expert on specific pieces of equipment to create SOPs and Forms. Conduct training on equipment use.
  • Other Laboratory and Quality Assistance